More details emerge after 2-year-old accidentally shoots himself

Paradise Lane is usually pretty quiet. But not today.

"I heard a pop, but I didn't hear nothing else. I didn't see nothing, but my dog heard something because she was barking. She barked for like five minutes. But I didn't think about going outside and looking," said next door neighbor Fred Leonard.

What he would've seen was heartbreaking-- a panicked grandmother, panicked mother and a bleeding child. 

According to investigators, a woman brought her 2-year-old boy to visit his great-aunt. They didn't know there was an unsecured gun in the house.

"From what I understand, the baby was climbing up on the sofa and it was on the sofa. Either under a pillow or on a blanket or stored in the crevice of the cushions. We are not sure yet," said Officer Laine Guthery.

The gun went off. 

The bullet hit his hand and his leg. Paramedics rushed him to Texas Children's Hospital. The actual owner of the gun allegedly hadn't expected any children at the house and hadn't secured the weapon. Detectives say they are understandably distraught, but are cooperating fully. Neighbors are stunned and saddened.

"They are not violent people. Whatever happened in there, they are not violent people," said a neighbor, who wished to be known simply as "Tiptoe."