Montgomery County residents get over 10 inches of rain

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Residents in Montgomery County have been hit with more than ten inches of rain in some spots since last night.  On Gary Street in the Timber Lakes Sub-Division high water was as high as seven feet, burying the road and unfortunately the high water poured into the homes. So many of these residents are left devastated for the second time since last month.  Having your home flooded once is a horrible blow but now knowing the frustration of having their home flooded twice in just more than a month is devastating. 

"We had to rip out all the sheet rock and rip out all the carpet”. That’s what the Dorrough family was forced to do after last month’s Tax Day Flood.  Now Luke Dorrough says their home has been hit again here in The Woodlands.  “The floor was supposed to go in this morning actually but last night we got about a foot (of water) in the house again so I’m not sure what’s going to happen from here,” explains Dorrough. 

Many of their belongings that sit in storage bins in their driveway that were spared in the last flood are now soaked with flood water. 

"Had to sweep some of the water out.  We’ve actually been taking vacuums and trying to dry the cabinets (in the house) so we can save them because we just had new cabinets put in this last week.  It hadn’t flooded in about eight years and then recently even when it rains just a little bit the ditches fill up more than usual and the fire department comes in on boats and they round people up as fast as they can,”: adds Dorrough. 

There have been dozens of high water rescues in Montgomery County since Thursday night.  Many residents who live here in the Timber Lakes Sub-Division may not even know their homes are flooded again because they’re still evacuated and haven’t been able to live in their homes since last month's flood.

"It’s depressing .  Most of us are homesick.  We’re ready to get back and sleep in our own beds".