Montgomery County prosecutors charging juveniles as adults

With a cache of weapons, jewelry, electronics, and a store full of cash, Bobby Roland knows he has to be ready for anything.

Roland says, "we have to be vigilant like I said."

That's because Roland knows if he let's his guard down at B and W pawn in Conroe he could become a target. It's a trend investigators are seeing.Young criminals in their teens are taking I-45 from Houston to Montgomery County to rob local businesses.

There was a group of teens who robbed a Kroger in Montgomery County back in February. Investigators say four 16-year-olds came in with their guns ablazing to rob the place.

That's why Montgomery County Attorney JD Lambright is taking a tough approach on violent teens, two 16-year-olds in the Kroger robbery were charged as adults just last week.

In the last four years, Lambright has had 14 teenagers accused of violent crimes charged as adults all mainly coming from the Houston area.

He says, "I think there's been a case or two where a juvenile said y'all got better stuff, and try to run back to Harris County."

Lambright says he wants young people who are coming to Montgomery County from Houston to commit violent crimes to realize it won't be that easy.