Montgomery County Animal Shelter officials under criminal investigation

Montgomery County Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noak isn't saying much other than due to the serious nature of credible information two shelter employees have been suspended with pay pending the outcome of an internal criminal investigation.

Sources say the employees under criminal investigation by the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department are shelter director Aaron Johnson and assistant director Mark Wysocki.

Johnson is the third director the Montgomery County Shelter has had in as many years.

“It's difficult because someone new comes along you have to learn who the players are," says Holly Dool with Camo Rescue.

The allegations of falsifying records involve over 70 dogs and cats that were seized in a hoarding situation last month.

Eric Yollick, an attorney and known watch dog in Montgomery County, says Johnson had 60 of those animals euthanized without an evaluation by shelter senior vet Dr. Gentry.

"Dr. Gentry left the facility because he was upset about what was going on, so Johnson and his deputy director Mark Wysoki falsified the records,” Yollick says.

Yollick says the records were tampered with again after Dr. Gentry complained.

In this case, falsifying records would bring the shelter's live release rate into question.

The shelter has been boasting a 90 percent live release rate.

"What they're claiming is because the lady turned the animals over and signed a request to euthanize, they're not counting those numbers towards their kill rate basically and so it calls into question their whole live release rate,” Yollick says.

With this revolving door of directors who really loses? we asked.

“The animals for sure,” Holly says.

Several dogs and cats are looking for homes. The shelter is operating as usual and the adoption fee has been lowered to only $10.