Mom calls out store in Facebook post for lack of options for girls shorts

A mom took to Facebook to express her frustration with a lack of athletic shorts options for her tween daughter at Target, and the post is stirring up a conversation on social media.

On Facebook, Assignment: Mom wrote that she went to Target to buy athletic shorts for her 9-year-old daughter who was going to basketball camp, but all she found was "teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy, way-too-short shorts."

"I get that shorts are, by definition, short. But where are the mid-length shorts? The approaching-knee-length shorts? The shorts that don’t require built-in underwear she’d undoubtedly find uncomfortable?" Assignment: Mom wrote on Facebook.

She said she looking in the women's section too and didn't find any better options.

“I don’t fancy myself a prude, but neither do I take the responsibility to teach my daughters about modesty and appropriate dress lightly," she wrote.

Assignment: Mom says she is challenging Target to "do better by our tween girls" and she will be shopping for her daughter's shorts in the boy's section until there are more options

"I’m raising three daughters, so I feel well-qualified in saying this about girls: they are fierce and strong and 100 percent deserving of athletic wear that underscores exactly that."

She tells Fox News she knows she is free to shop elsewhere and does, but is disappointed a store where so many moms shop doesn't offer more athletic shorts options.

The Facebook post by Assignment: Mom has been shared more than 2,600 times and has more than 1,200 comments.

Some parents agreed with her post.

"Exactly how I feel when shopping with my 11 yr old," a woman wrote.

Others said they've experienced the issue elsewhere, too.

"Agree, but it’s not just Target, it’s everywhere—for girls and women!" a commenter said.

Some people pointed out that the shorts have been around for decades.

"We wore these shorts every day for gym class through the 70s and 80s. All the girls wore them as well as the boys. They were considered appropriate," another woman wrote.

In a statement to Fox News, Target said they offer three types of shorts for girls and over the last few years, the shorts have been getting longer:

"We offer three types of shorts for girls: short, midi and Bermuda. Over the last few years, we’ve actually been going longer, not shorter … this is the case even with our short shorts. We lengthened them over a year ago and have seen a very positive response to the range of length, particularly with midi and Bermuda. We’ve also expanded our offerings in these assortments."