Medical screening reveals Sandra Bland attempted suicide

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The Waller County District Attorney's office has released a document showing Sandra Bland previously attempted suicide.

Wednesday, FOX 26 reporters got their hands on the jail medical questionnaire that was filled out for Bland when she arrived at the Waller County Jail.

What it shows is that Bland has a history of depression and has attempted suicide before.

In the jail medical questionnaire, one section reveals that she tried to commit suicide in the past by overdosing on pills.

The reason stated is that she lost her baby.

It also says she suffered a recent loss -- her god mother died late last year. 

But the questionnaire also asks, "Are you thinking about killing yourself today?" to which she answered "No."

Authorities have launched a full investigation into Bland's death. 

But they are not saying who is to blame or whether Bland's civil rights were violated until the results come out. 

Bland's body has been flown back to the Chicago area for her funeral, which will take place on Saturday.

Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis says they are looking into criminal liability for those involved in both the arrest and jail detention of Sandra Bland.