MD Anderson takes precautions against COVID-19

Amid concerns over COVID-19, MD Anderson is screening anyone who visits their campuses and limiting visitors.

MD Anderson says they have not had any cases of COVID-19, but they are enhancing their protocols and screening anyone who visits their campuses to identify if they have traveled in the last 14 days to an area considered to have sustained transmission such as China, Iran, Italy, Japan or South Korea.

MD Anderson is screening for patients who exhibit symptoms of respiratory infection including a fever greater than 100.4, coughing or shortness of breath. Anyone on campus may be asked screening questions multiple times during their stay.

MD Anderson is asking visitors who have traveled – or have a household member who has traveled – to China, Iran, Italy, Japan or South Korea in the past 14 days to postpone visiting their campuses when possible.

The number of visitors at campuses are being limited. MD Anderson says the following limits are in place:

•  Inpatient, ICU, EC, Pediatrics: Two visitors at a time.

•  Pre-and post-operative procedures: If a patient is being discharged home, their primary caregiver will be called to the recovery area for discharge instructions. Otherwise, visitors should remain in the waiting area.

•  Outpatient clinics (reception area and exam rooms): Only two healthy visitors who do not have symptoms are allowed to accompany patients in our ambulatory areas, including Houston-area locations, effective immediately.

"Because our cancer patients are uniquely vulnerable to coronavirus, we are committing to increased workforce precautions. MD Anderson has restricted all employee business travel, domestic and international. Travel restrictions are in place through April 29. We will monitor closely and re-evaluate whether an extension is needed or whether travel restrictions can be lifted when there is clear evidence that the global public health emergency is abated," MD Anderson wrote in a message on their website.