Mayoral hopeful Tony Buzbee victim of million-dollar burglary

Houston attorney and mayoral hopeful Tony Buzbee is shaken up after waking up and finding burglars at his home.

Police say the were called out to Buzbee’s house in River Oaks around 6:15 a.m. Monday.

Investigators say the thieves got away with potentially millions of dollars worth of artwork and jewelry.

Buzbee believes at least two unidentified suspects entered his property, possibly through a side gate and and got inside his house through the garage.

He says he first saw one of the suspects outside, trying to steal a scooter. That’s when he says he grabbed a gun and went upstairs to go check on his two kids.

Buzbee says he then heard someone walking in the hallway, and that’s when he stepped out and attempted to shoot at the burglar, but his gun misfired. 

"Had he been armed and I misfired, that probably would’ve been a bad situation for me," said Buzbee. "But luckily when I yelled at him, I said back up, and I tried to fire at him and he ran."

The good news is Buzbee and his two children are OK.

He says a neighbor's home was also burglarized last week.

Exactly what the thieves got away with is still under investigation.