Mayoral candidate Tony Buzbee promises results in 100 days as runoff election looms

Amid a campaign headquarters projecting fresh energy for the stretch drive, Mayoral challenger Tony Buzbee called his runoff bid "a referendum" on Houston's last four years under incumbent Sylvester Turner.

To persuade uncommitted voters, Buzbee pledged five initiatives, each to be delivered within his first 100 days at the helm.

"We are going to audit every single penny that is spent in the City of Houston," said Buzbee.

A comprehensive financial review Buzbee believes will turn up plenty of tax dollars poorly spent.

"I think we are all going to be shocked by how much money is wasted in the City of Houston," said Buzbee.

The challenger also promised a serious assault on the City's ailing streets with the appointment of pothole czar.

"We will make fixing our sub-standard streets a top priority and will immediately appoint a roads and infrastructure coordinator to jump-start our program to improve our streets to national standard," said Buzbee.

As for those still reeling from a devastating storm 822 days after landfall, Buzbee pledged the delivery of overdue relief.

"Most importantly we will begin to finally help those people who have been waiting two years after being crushed by Hurricane Harvey," said Buzbee.

As for firefighters still locked in a battle with Turner for fair pay, Buzbee repeated his promise to break the impasse by substantially raising salaries.

"Public safety officials work together for us all. We are not going to have them fighting each other in court," said Buzbee.

Mayor Turner’s campaign spokesperson Sue Davis was quick to respond.

"Buzbee just pledged to blow a huge hole in the city budget that will result in layoffs and cuts in vital city services. And there is nothing taxpayers could do about it," she said.