Mayor Turner calls for federal investigation into shooting death of Houston man

Mayor Sylvester Turner released the following statement regarding the fatal shooting of Alva Braziel early Saturday morning. 

"The shooting of Alva Braziel is still under investigation. I have personally seen video from a nearby gas station that shows Mr. Braziel standing in the middle of Cullen Boulevard around 12:40 a.m. Saturday.

Just prior to the police arriving on the scene, there are two flashes where Mr. Braziel appears to fire two shots into the air.  He then raised his arms and turned in a circle. After the police arrive, I see Mr. Braziel step toward the police with his right arm extended toward them. In video not yet made public, a bystander acknowledges that Mr. Braziel had a gun and a gun was taken from his right hand by an officer.

Because tensions are running high, I strongly recommend that all available video be released as soon as possible.

To further address community concerns, I will ask the U.S. Department of Justice to review the shooting.

While I desire and will require a full investigation, I am confident that once complete, the public will conclude we have been transparent.  I encourage my fellow citizens to help maintain the peace throughout the city."