Match Day fulfills many doctors' dreams at UTHealth

It was an exciting day in the Texas Medical Center and all around the country as thousands of medical students found out where they were matched.

You couldn't help but feel the excitement in the air at UTHealth's ceremony.

A moment like this will certainly get your heart racing and blooding pumping. In 30 minutes students one after the next grabbed the keys to their future: simple while envelopes. They've dreamt about this day.

"I'm just so excited. I can't even think of words. This is exactly where I wanted to go. I'm going to San Francisco," Ashley McMullen said.

"Oh my God, it's been totally overwhelming but we're so excited to be going somewhere together," Kelly O'Shay said.

For Kelly and Daniel everything about the day was a perfect match. Both are headed to Cincinnati.

"A lot of long nights of talking about it, just a lot of compromise. But it was wonderful. It worked out fantastically," Daniel Tim said.

Fiona Stasserking had her medical career put on hold when a civil war broke out in her home country Sierra Leone. She didn't let that keep her from pursuing her passion.

"I've always wanted to be a physician. This is the only thing I ever wanted to do. My life has been a very difficult road. A lot of ups and downs and I'm just happy god kept me on path," Stasserking said.

Stephen Jones picked the last envelope and won a basket filled with dollars. The symbolism it's supposed to be the last time these students hit up their parents for money.

"Actually I worked out a deal with my friends, if one of us won we all won. So I'm going to hand out money in a little bit, too," Jones said.