Massage Envy therapists accused of sexual assault by more than 180 women

They're almost everywhere you turn, Massage Envy locations, and visiting every few months is a treat for Julia Carillo-Inguez.

"I've never had any issues. Everyone has been very professional," Carillo says.

Maybe to her, but not everyone. Tara Woodley is coming forward now saying she was sexually assaulted at a Pennsylvania location.

"I hope that sharing my story and my real name I will encourage other women to speak out as well as join together to help the country," Woodley says.

An investigation by the website Buzzfeed has uncovered that 180 women have filed lawsuits, police reports and state board complains against the chain, the franchises and individual massage therapists for sexual assault. Some therapists have multiple complaints against them. 

In 2014, Massage Envy employee Emily Gonzales went to get a massage from a coworker named Travis Schuler. She claims he sexually assaulted her, but no charges were filed. He was eventually arrested after allegedly assaulting another client at the West 43rd Street location -- his third such complaint.

"I don't know how he was about to get another job at another location. Having worked at Massage Envy I know how the system works," says Gonzalez. "They use a program called 'Millenium' and every client that goes to Massage Envy goes into that database. We know all our employees go in, as well."

The locations are all independently owned. The company has said publicly and in court filings that they are not responsible for the day-to-day operations of the franchises or the actions of individual employees. How this all plays out with customers waits to be seen, but Carillo plans to keep going.

" I always request a female. Because it's not something I'd be comfortable with," Carillo says.