Marching for May Day, opposing President Trump's policies

Protestors throughout the U.S. are coming together to make their voices heard. How are people in the Houston area marking May Day? Approximately 1,000 people rallied at Houston City Hall. They are speaking out for international worker’s rights and against President Trump's immigration policies.

”If we unite as people, certainly we'll be able to make an impact,” says Linda Morales.

The protestors say there is power in numbers. The group is hoping that the more voices that come together, the louder those voices will be heard and in turn the hope that policies the group opposes will be done away with.

”We are all coming together to say no to the Trump agenda," says Hany Khalil, executive director of the Texas Gulf Coast AFL-CIO. "He has been in office 100 days. We are terribly concerned about the damage his policies are causing to immigrants, to working families in general.” 

The people gathering at the Sesquicentennial Park rally and marched to Houston City Hall for a major May Day protest. The group is also against the so-called Sanctuary Cities bill, SB4, which passed the Texas House of Representatives and Senate and is awaiting Governor Greg Abbott's signature. It would require Texas law enforcement agencies to work with U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement to identify and detain illegal immigrants and it would become a crime for police chiefs and sheriffs to choose not to comply.

”It's a hate bill and this is not what Texas, the friendship state, is all about,” adds Morales.

”It's going to be really hurtful to the state," says Mary Moreno. "It's really going to make people fearful of police.  It's all about legislators trying to marginalize and criminalize people of color.”