Manhunt underway for suspect after fire leaves dozens homeless in NE Harris Co.

Authorities are searching for a man who started a fire at Haverstock Hills Apartments in northeast Harris County Friday. 

Fire alarms are still sounding off, three days after a fire destroyed a 3-story building at Haverstock Hills Apartments. Twenty-seven residents were evacuated in the middle of the night Friday and left without a home until further notice. 

Iredair Ener, 51,says she was woken up by a loud boom and called her daughter, who lives in an adjacent building around the corner. The smoke was so thick, Iredair said she had to be rushed out of bed without clothes and had no choice but to leave all her precious memories behind. 

“I only grabbed my purse and my leg that was it. I have my son's urn in there. My son, he passed away when he was 20. My grandson that passed away—I had a little thing on the side table for them. And I could not grab nothing. Nothing. There was no time,”Ener said.

Iredair said she lost her left leg to diabetes a few years ago. Due to her weakened immune system from undergoing dialysis three times a week, Iredair fears for her health now that she's been displaced from her home. 

“Haverstock is my home. I don’t have no other home,” Ener said. 

Harris County Fire Marshals believe 23-year-old James London started the fire after getting in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. He now faces felony arson charges.

This, in addition to his lengthy criminal record including evading arrest, making a terroristic threat and criminal mischief. 

“He put so many people in danger. And so many people lost so much. It's not just my mom. It's young women with kids, it's elderly folks. For some people, this is the last move,” said Lois Ener.  

Crimestoppers is offering up to a $5,000 dollar reward for any information that could lead to London’s arrest.