Man tests out Target's new bathroom policy, asks to use female restroom

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Target said its policy is not new, but is a restatement of corporate policy. (

Andy Park wanted to test the limits of Target’s new bathroom policy that allows transgender people to use whichever store restroom “corresponds with their gender identity.” 

Park visited a Target store in St Petersburg, Florida, on April 22 and recorded his experiences on a hidden camera.

In the video he asks Target staff if he can use the female restroom as he “gets uncomfortable in the men’s room,” and a member of staff confirms that he can.

The video has since gone viral. On his Facebook page, Park says his video was not directed at transgender people but rather “macho heterosexuals who will use this policy to walk in to women’s rooms and commit crimes.”

Target has been criticized for its new policy and a petition calling for a boycott of the chain claims to have over 874,000 signatures.