Man charged in shooting that killed woman inside car

It's won't bring her back. Nothing can bring Saron James back into the arms of her loving husband. However charging her alleged killer with her murder is a big step in making the man responsible for his crime.

"I'm relieved from the news. We were wondering last night if they were getting any real strong leads on this guy," said Cleveland James.

They were, and this guy is 19-year-old Tekony Blackedge. It was last Tuesday evening.

Cleveland and Saron were heading home discussing dinner plans. A white Audi SUV roared down Old Greenhouse Road at them. Right at them. With guns.

"They pointed straight at us. I didn't know what was going on. It was straight at us. I didn't even duck. She was just slumped over," he said.

The 62-year-old was dead. Why? What was this for? Road rage? Mistaken identity?

Likely, we will find out more when they arrest Tekony. Regardless of his reason, Cleveland says there's no excuse for what he did but he says his wife would be praying for the man who killed her.

Her funeral is Saturday.