Man arrested, charged with raping 77-year-old at senior facility

There is very clear surveillance video of Bryan Arellano Monesterio entering the Ahepa 29 senior living apartments just off Beechnut. He shouldn't have been able to get in through the second set of doors without a key card, and yet he was.

"That door was broken and in the surveillance camera, that second set of doors, we are actually able to, so he reached up and opened the doors and he was able to get in that way," said Carvana Cloud, the chief of the Special Victim's Bureau at the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

She says it appears he knew it was broken.

Once inside, he rode the elevator to an upper level.

Posing as a maintenance worker, he was able to get a 77-year-old resident to open her door.

Once inside, he raped her repeatedly and stole $160 from her. Investigators released the photos and video and tips trickled in.

Eventually, they got a warrant to get his DNA. It was a match and they bagged him at his parents home. His motive?

"It's sad, but he said he had never had sex with an Asian woman before. It's awful and it's disgusting but this was apparently some kind of fantasy, some kind of sick disgusting fantasy that he had." said Cloud.

Now, he faces counts of aggravated sexual assault and one of aggravated robbery. The age of the victim enhances the penalties. There could be possible hate crime enhancements to as the case develops.