Macys' new colorful way to get shoppers

Macy's has just launched a shopping concept called "Story".

Only 36 Macy's across the country will feature Story. Here in Houston, it's set up in the Galleria and Memorial City stores.

The goal is obvious: to generate more in-store sales. The execution is...well... unique. 

The concept involves an ever-shifting theme. The first theme is Color. It's built to look like a real-life Instagram feed.

Each store will feature local brands and vendors, giving it a more individual feel. Every eight weeks, it will change again.

Macy's has suffered its share of retail apocalypse pain, closing down stores and laying off employees as shoppers flock online. Big names like Payless, Sears, and Victoria's Secret have also shut down brick-and-mortar locations.

Will Macy's new concept change that? Well, it's up to shoppers to decide. 

As one shopper states, "It's nothing that you need, but everything you want!"