Lockdown lifted at Houston Can Academy after gun reported on campus

On the heels of the Florida school shooting, a scare at a southeast Houston school after a student brought a gun to school at Houston Can Academy near Hobby Airport. The good news is the student with the gun barely made it inside the front door and he never pulled it out.  However, Houston Can Academy students and parents are still very much uneasy that a kid had a gun at school.

It was chaos after a school security officer found a 17-year-old student with a gun at the Houston Can Academy Hobby campus.

Chiperia Lewis walked into the school right in front of the boy who had the gun. 

"The teachers and the principal started pushing us telling us to go in the classroom,” Lewis explains.

The school guard discovered the revolver in the boy’s jacket pocket at the beginning of the school day during the regular daily search of students. 

"They scan us for any metal or anything.  They open our backpacks to see if there is anything inside.  They check our pockets, we take everything out,” says Houston Can Academy Junior Derin Deleon.

The school was immediately locked down when the handgun was found and parents began receiving frantic text messages from their kids. 

“I looked at my phone. I’m like ‘oh my God’. I started crying,” says Regina Hall whose daughter attends the school.

Many parents and students say as the incident unfolded they couldn’t help but think of the deadly school shooting in Florida just one day earlier.

"It’s overwhelming.  One day you're coming to school and you hear there’s a gun in the school.  Anything can happen.  It’s really scary.  Your life can be taken away at any moment,” says Deleon. 

Fortunately no one was injured. The student with the gun has only been attending Houston Can for two weeks. The boy ran when the security guard found the gun but the teen was quickly arrested off campus by Houston police.  He is now charged with Felony Exhibition of a Handgun on School Grounds.

Houston Can Academy officials released this statement about the incident: