Local senior living facility nominated for movie project

A senior living community is now pulling out their best gowns and shoes as they prepare to head to a film festival next month that celebrates aging. The Solana at Vintage Park is one of nine finalists nominated for an award at the "Celebrate Aging Film Festival" in October. 

Sixty-two senior living communities across the country participated in the film festival by submitting a movie-- written, directed, filmed and acted entirely by the residents and employees at the communities. 

The Solana at Vintage Park created their own short film titled "All These Moments," which was based off a poem written by Isis Issa, a regional nurse that works at the facility.

Issa said the poem was inspired by her own grandmother, Rhoda. 

"It's about the moments that make up the life of a senior as she goes through her days. You know, she’s sensing sight, sound, smell and it makes her remember these past moments in her life and what brought her to now," Issa said. 

Issa said the film aims to capture the essence of what it's like to grow old. But the simple idea behind the movie project brings much more than just local stardom to residents like 95-year-old LaBeth Kester, who stars in the movie. 

Between charity games of Bingo, socializing with her crew at meal time three times a day and being an ambassador for new residents, Kester has a packed schedule that keeps her busy every day. 

Kester just wrapped up four months of filming and editing for the short film. The entire project was completed with just an iPad. 

"Allie had an iPod and she told me what to do and I did it. Acted it. And she had me on the iPod," Kester said. 

To Kester and many other residents at The Solana, Issa said this film is everything. 

"It changes up their lives a bit. It brings excitement. It brings purpose back into them and there's more talk of the town, more buzz going around," Issa said.

The Second Annual "Celebrate Aging Film Festival" awards ceremony will be held in Tennessee on October 3. If The Solana's film "All These Moments" wins, residents and staff will bring home a trophy.