Local politicians' opposition in impeachment symbolic of Texas politics as a whole

It was history within groundbreaking history: A pioneering Latina lawmaker from the Lone Star State in the thick of a Senate impeachment trial targeting Donald J. Trump, president of the United States.

"The president’s freeze on the security aid was illegal. We need to hold him accountable, because no one is above the law," said Rep. Sylvia Garcia, a Democrat representing citizens on Houston's east side.

Assigned to prosecutorial duties with the House Impeachment managers, Garcia appeared on the Senate floor Tuesday night, pressing the case for conviction. 

"Senators, make no mistake, we have a detailed, factual record showing that the freeze was President Trump's decision and that he did it to pressure Ukraine into the political investigations he wanted," said Garcia.

The partisan divide over Mr. Trump’s guilt or innocence has never been more profound, with vote after procedural vote decided along strict party lines.

With the Republican majority in the Senate jury standing firm behind the president, Texas Senator Ted Cruz called the outcome a forgone conclusion, before a single witness is called or evidentiary document submitted.

"The end of this process, after a fair proceeding, after hearing the arguments of the House managers, after hearing the arguments of the president, the end of this proceeding is going to be an acquittal because the House managers can't meet the constitutional threshold," said Cruz.

Back in the Houston area, Republican Congressman Randy Weber said unless the U.S. Supreme Court rules otherwise, the president is within his right of executive privilege to block witnesses and documents demanded by House Democrats.

"People realize this is simply an attempt, an end run, if you will, to go around the process as the founders designed it and to undo an election now, rather than in November," said Weber, who believes the impeachment attempt will backfire on Democrats in the Fall election.

"People will make Democrats regret that at the polls," said Weber.