Local author writes 'H Is For Harvey' to teach kids about the storm

As Julie Beasley reads from her new book "H is for Harvey" she relives what happened a year ago and how it could be used to teach a younger generation.

“I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have a children’s book that kids could really understand what happened on their level during Harvey. And something that the kids that were a part of the storm who experienced it firsthand but also for kids like my own who were not directly affected,” says Julie Beasley.

So Beasley came up with the book teaching kids about everything that happened, from the rescues, to how people used social media to help each other, to shelters and recovery efforts.

“So my children are four and two, my four-year-old remembers the storm remembers all the rain and has lots of questions so it was good for her to actually see this book and correlate back to a lot of the questions she had and has been asking ever since Harvey,” says Tony Bolding, a father who also works for Bering’s where the book is being sold.

Beasley says she hopes to get her book in school one day so that children can learn what H also stands for -- humanity.

“It’s truly inspiring, some heartbreaking, but it’s just I’m so impressed with the resilience of people as they are dealing with Harvey even a year later,” says Beasley.

The book is currently a best seller on Amazon and is being sold in Houston at both Bering’s locations and the children’s museum.