License revoked after doctor-patient sexual assault case

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After a former Ben Taub General Hospital internist was charged in the 2013 sexual assault of a patient, the Texas Medical Board has suspended his license.

Police put out the word out to Ben Taub patients to come forward, if they were sexual assault victims of a doctor, after one of its former physicians was just charged with raping a patient, two years ago.

43-year-old Dr. Shafeeq Sheikh, a former Internist at Ben Taub hospital, was part of a rapid response team of doctors that cared for a 27 year old woman who he's charged with sexually assaulting on November 1st, of 2013. The patient said she was partially sedated, and unable to fight back. She said she pushed her nurse's call button but it was later found to be disconnected.

Investigators say Dr. Sheikh did not volunteer his DNA sample, when asked, forcing police to get a court order.  Results from the DNA testing came back Tuesday. The doctor was arrested on Friday. 

Records show the doctor accessed the area of the patient's room 12 times the night of the alleged rape, and police say surveillance video puts him there as well.  Senior Houston Police Officer Delinda Compton Mayes says investigators are concerned there may be others. 

“If this individual had the capacity to do that to her we are concerned that he may have done it to other women,” said Mayes. 

Ben Taub Hospital says it cooperated fully with police, and the doctor is not employed there anymore, but would not say when it was notified that the doctor was a rape suspect, or whether he was fired immediately after Ben Taub was told. 

Sheikh was a resident from 2011 to 2014. 

If you believe you may have been sexually assaulted by this doctor you're asked to call the hpd special crimes division at 713-308-1180.

Dr. Sheikh is out of jail, on a 30 thousand dollar bond.  Sheikh did not surrender to police right away.  Houston Police say they negotiated for 20 hours, with his defense lawyer, before he agreed to turn himself in to Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies.