Letters arrive at senior center from all over the globe

The COVID-19 outbreak has meant many residents at senior living centers have gone weeks without visitors.

A week ago, residents at Heartis Senior Living Clear Lake in Webster posted a photo to a Facebook asking for letters and drawings. They want pen pals. Letters from across the country and world began pouring in even as far as Australia.

“It is like Christmas morning every day here,” said Becky Hudson, Lifestyle Director at Heartis Senior Living Clear Lake.

Heartis sent FOX 26 videos of the seniors reading the letters. A resident named Kevin begins to cry after seeing a drawing by a little girl named Mara.

"It's really sweet. Especially when the kids are sending their drawings. Residents are hanging the drawings on their refrigerators,” added Hudson.

She hopes this will inspire people to reach out to their local senior living centers, and let other seniors know they are not alone.

“The morale here in our community is just extremely high, and it's all because of strangers around the world. And, it's beautiful,” Hudson told FOX 26.

She adds the letters and packages go through a 72-hour disinfecting process before the residents handle them.