Legacy of Excellence: Anchor Melinda Spaulding leaving FOX 26 after 13 years

It's one of those unforgettable crossroads in life where we must say goodbye or farewell to our dearest friend and colleague Melinda Spaulding. Melinda has shared 13 years with the staff of FOX 26, and as her colleagues say, it's a bittersweet moment saying goodbye to this beloved member of our FOX 26 family. 

Melinda began her career as a single woman in her 20's when she started at fox 26. "In her nearly 13 years, she has done it all, " said fellow anchor Jonathan Martin.  "Even after her transition to the anchor desk, Melinda's contribution has been generous.  She continued reporting, professional to the highest degree. A lot of credibility that goes with her reporting."

Paying special tribute to Melinda was FOX 26 Station Manager, D'Artagnan Bebel. "It was a pleasure to have her working here, watch her grow and mature into a wonderful young woman who became one of our anchors, but also it's wonderful to know she came here to houston not only to grow her career, but also meet her husband, felix, and has two lovely children at this point."

Melinda said, "This city is my city, and i love it. Yes, i love it. The years have been filled with news, tragedies and joys, but the stories that touched our hearts.  Melinda will still be contributing to the city of Houston and Texas Southern University.  She's known as a positive role model and a strong mentor to many people. Fellow anchor, Melissa Wilson offered this message to Melinda, "You're such a leader and inspiration. I aspire to be like you!" 

The best of everything, Good Luck to Melinda Spaulding on her new career journey and special time home with her family!