Lawyer and former City Councilmember jumps onto moving car after theft

A Houston lawyer, and FOX 26 contributor, is lucky to be alive after she jumped onto a moving vehicle driven by robbers who had broken into her car.  Jolanda Jones was determined not to let the bad guys get away.

“If there's danger,” she says, “something in my mind makes me run towards it.”

Jones now has proof of that statement, caught on camera.  After spotting a thief and accomplice who had broken into her car, and stolen her purse and computer,  she fought with the thief as he tried to get into his own car. Then when he started to drive away, she took a giant leap and hung on as the car sped off.  “I just jump onto the car.  In my mind, I'm thinking, if I jump onto the car, they'll stop!”

It did not stop, but she hung on until the getaway car ran over her foot.  Then she walked back to her car to chase them.  Family members have been calling her in disbelief.

“My sister was like, ‘Jolanda, they don't even stop for the police.  What made you think they would stop for you?’  I was like, ‘I wasn't really thinking!’”

This happened at KCOH, the radio station where Jolanda co-hosts the show “Powerbrokers”. 

Radio Host Paris Eley saw the whole thing unfold, while he was live on the air, describing it to listeners: "She jumped onto the car trying to retrieve her property. The car's moving, the guy's trying to get away,” said Eley.

Fortunately, Jolanda has just a swollen foot and a few scrapes from her superhero moment.  She said she wouldn't do the same thing again.  But she plans to keep fighting against the injustice, warning the thieves, “I am persistent.  I’m going to get you, one way or the other.”