Lawsuit accuses woman of molesting teen at juvenile detention center

Deborah Helen Sutter, 64, a volunteer mentor hired by Fort Bend County, is currently charged with indecency with a child, a second degree felony. According to a lawsuit, she sexually assaulted Frank Thomas (a pseudonym) multiple times per visit, multiple times each week for more than a year from the time he was 15 years old until he was 17 years old.

The teen was allegedly molested 312 times while in the custody and care of the Fort Bend County Juvenile Detention Center.

Part of the lawsuit states, "Each disgusting perverted act was captured by video surveillance and was ignored by the Fort Bend County workers responsible for protecting the child."

The lawsuit goes on to say, "While Frank Thomas was being repeatedly molested, Fort Bend County Juvenile Detention Center staff members shirked their duties and responsibilities by sending and receiving text messages talking on their cell phones, posting on social media, listening to music and socializing instead of properly supervising Deborah Helen Sutter."

The lawsuit alleges no medical attention or counseling was ever offered to Frank Thomas.

Psychologist Dr. Ed Reitman is not involved in this case, but he wonders if Frank Thomas would have been treated differently if he was a female victim.

"As many, if not, more men than women are sexually abused and we do very little about it," said Reitman.

FOX 26 News visited to the address listed in the lawsuit for Sutter. The woman who answered the door said she did not know Deborah Sutter.