Lamar University student uses racial slur in tweet

Should a student at Lamar University be disciplined for a tweet that used a racial slur?

The student tweeted it five years ago, but it was retweeted last week. It shows a picture of a car window smashed and says "Yay for broke n----- stealing."

She then tweeted, "Definitely not racist, definitely upset when two African American men broke my car window twice in one week and left a note saying, 'Gotcha again.' I would never use that word to hurt any of my friends or family for that matter."

She then tweeted, "Growing up in my household, it was always just a common word down here in the south from a very southern family. Getting to Lamar and making so many diverse friends and hearing them out makes you think a whole 360. But it was wrong on my part overall."

That student is still enrolled at Lamar.