Lakewood Church to resume in-person services at 25% capacity in mid-October

Next month, Lakewood Church will reopen for in-person worship services with new precautions in place.

Lakewood Church has been streaming services online since suspending in-person gatherings months ago in response to COVID-19.

Beginning October 18, Lakewood Church will resume in-person worship services at 25% capacity.

Those who wish to attend the services must sign up online at All attendees will be required to wear masks.

“For the past six months we have been consulting with medical experts here in Houston and adhering to the guidelines set by the Texas Governor and the Houston Mayor and feel that it is the appropriate time to begin reopening the church for in-person worship services,” said Pastor Joel Osteen.  “We are moving forward carefully and will reopen in a steady, gradual manner.  We have undertaken many effective safety precautions, as well, that are designed to create a safe environment for our members who wish to attend."

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Lakewood Church says new measures have been taken to ensure a more sanitary environment. Those include:

 • Bathroom and Touchless Upgrades: The installation of touchless faucets, soap dispensers, and flush valves.  All restroom walls, doors, floors, and fixtures will be thoroughly steam cleaned and sanitized regularly.

 • Escalator Safety Upgrades:  All escalators have been fitted with a combination of Schindler Safe Ultra UVC sterilization along with CleanRail Antimicrobial escalator handrails.  This will be effective in killing bacteria and viruses and will provide the attendees with peace of mind when holding on to the escalator handrail.

 • Interior Building Air Purification:  The main air handlers that supply the sanctuary will all be upgraded with new premium efficiency fan motors, with bi-polar ionization technology designed to assist in purifying the air. 

 • Sanitizing High-Traffic Public Areas:  Increased frequency and scope of all cleaning services including enhanced sanitization of high-traffic areas such as lobbies, hallways, elevators, bathrooms, counters, rails, doorknobs, and other frequently contacted surfaces in the church.

“Lakewood is dedicated to maintaining a safe environment for our members, visitors, and staff.  Based on the guidance we’ve received from medical experts we are confident the measures we have in place will allow us to begin a safe step-by-step re-opening,” said Osteen. 

Lakewood Church says they will continue to monitor the situation daily and make any necessary adjustments as information becomes available to provide the safest environment possible.

Lakewood Church will continue to stream their services.