'Knife-wielding suspect' hit by car in southwest Houston: police

Authorities are piecing together what led up to a death in southwest Houston, where ‘a knife-wielding suspect' was hit by a car but wound up dying while he was detained by officers. 

It's still unclear exactly how everything unfolded, but the incident first started in the 9800 block of Beechnut St. where the Houston Police Department says a call came in a little after 1:30 p.m. for a suspicious person.

Asst. Chief Ban Tien gave preliminary information at the scene, saying an unidentified man was "acting erratic" inside a nearby convenience store, throwing things and rolling around on the ground. 

At some point, the business owner told police they noticed the man had a knife - the man reportedly got out of the store and was running in the street over in the 9700 block of Beechnut, jumping in between cars. 

When officers arrived, they found the man and detained him momentarily. During that time, Asst. Chief Tien said investigators noticed "some sort of white foam" coming from his mouth and he began "turning blue."  

Paramedics were also nearby and tried to provide aid, Asst. Chief Tien added, but it was to no avail and the man passed away. 


Asst. Chief Tien said the incident is being investigated as an "in-custody death," and will be handled by an independent law enforcement agency.

No other information was made available, as of this writing, but FOX 26 will continue to make updates to this story as it continues to develop.