Klein student punished for being high despite squeaky clean drug test

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At Klein Collins High they teach the importance of hard, scientific proof and the value of equal justice for all.
But when it comes to sophomore Hailey Gibbons, there's strong evidence educators on this campus aren't practicing what they preach.

"I would say I am not on drugs and they would say you are, just give it up, you are. I started breaking down," said Hailey who is 16 years old.

It all started when Hailey was late to class and took a tardy form to the office. An assistant principal she'd never met decided she was acting odd and summoned a nurse who conducted a field sobriety test.

Accusations of intoxication soon followed.

Hailey, who maintains solid grades and has never been in trouble, insisted more than a dozen times she was completely sober and a simple drug test would prove it.

"If they would have known me they would have known that I would not be on any type of drugs and the fact that they kept accusing me over and over again, when they just don't know anything," said Hailey.

Summoned to campus, Hailey's Mom Jennifer Saxton made a beeline for Quest Diagnostics where an 11 panel drug test was administered to her daughter.

The results were completely negative.
No marijuana, no cocaine, no barbiturates, no opiates, no amphetamines, no alcohol.

With irrefutable scientific proof, Hailey and Jennifer hoped the misjudgment would be rapidly rectified.

They were wrong.

"I didn't ask for an apology. I didn't ask them to admit they were wrong. I just wanted my daughter back in class and he told me that was not going to happen," said Saxton.

Turns out Klein ISD, ignored the drug test and based solely on the nurse's opinion, sentenced Hailey to 30 days in alternative school.

"So now you have a student with proof, scientific evidence the she was not taking drugs. The school district says we don't care about that, you are gone anyway. And they label this child a drug abuser in her permanent school record. It's wrong and it's a civil rights violation," said Chris Tritico, Hailey's attorney.

Saxton has considered filing a lawsuit and is certain she will withdraw her daughter from Klein ISD as soon as her term in alternative school is complete.

"They are more worried about being right than doing what's right. Her reputation, her school record, I mean it effects everything. She's not going to graduate with her friends, she's not going to go to prom," said Saxton, her voice cracking with emotion.

Klein ISD refused multiple offers to explain their policy and actions on camera.

A KISD spokesperson claims the drug test was not accepted because the district could not confirm its validity.

Saxton says Quest Diagnostic was the lab recommended to her by administrators at Collins High School.

Klein also issued to Fox 26 the following statement: