Kingwood Park HS students work together to build homeless veteran a home

A homeless military veteran will soon be off the streets thanks to kind students in Kingwood.

Kingwood Park High School students have just finished building the new home.


That sounds pretty unbelievable but it's true. The amazing little house was built by Kingwood Park students as part of Humble ISD's Big Heroes, Tiny Homes program.

The kids build homes for military vets using donated materials. Students get some serious on the job training and learn every aspect of working together to design and build a house.

Their latest 209 square foot tiny home was supposed to take 6 months to build but COVID came along and it took a year instead.

The home will be moved to a plot of land in Liberty County where two other student-built tiny houses sit and the veterans will share a community bathroom and kitchen.


"They have a whole community out there. They eat together. They work together and this just gives each veteran a place to live while they're learning skills again and get back on their feet,” says Kingwood Park H.S. Sr. Parker Ryan.

"Just the fact that they're providing shelter for someone who has not had a home for many years, seeing them take that on is just incredible,” adds Architecture and Engineering Teacher Missi Taylor.

Brendan Flaherty was the Head Student Designer on the project. "It was a great experience for all of us and we get to give back which was awesome to be able to give back to a veteran who is in need".

Humble ISD's goal is to build one house per year for a veteran who otherwise wouldn't have a home without them.