Kidnapping victim's brother owed money to suspects

Ernesto Villadares said little as he returned home, back to where it all began.

"Nada, nada," said Ernesto as he opened the door.

Police say the people who kidnapped Ernesto's brother were Jimmy Sanchez and Nicolas Cunningham, two men who already had lengthy criminal records. They are accused of kidnapping Ulysses Villadares  from his Conroe home.

Ulysses' cousin, Delia Velasquez, was more talkative, telling FOX 26 News the following in Spanish over the phone:

He was a hard worker. He was a humble person. A quiet person. Dedicated to his son. What can I tell you? He wouldn't hurt anyone.

According to court documents, after kidnapping Ulysses, Sanchez and Cunningham tied him up at Sophia Heath's northeast Houston home, where the FBI shot and killed Ulysses during a botched rescue attempt. She also appeared in court, charged with kidnapping.

Here's where the story take a strange twist. Police were able to track Sanchez and Cunningham to a Webster hotel and arrest them, the same hotel where Velasquez told FOX 26 she was living. What does she know about the suspects?

"No, I don't know the lady, her name," explained Velasquez. "I've never seen her. The one with the tattoo, I've seen him. He's been in the hotel."

The "he" she is referring to is Sanchez. According to court documents, she is married to his accused accused co- kidnapper Cunningham. The "lady" is apparently Cunningham's mistress. The same documents say the kidnapping was about money Ernesto owed her. As for Ernesto  he didn't much at all.

"Maybe some day, now I'm going to the police..." said Ernesto as he started up his truck.