Keep Mosquitos Away

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There have NO reported Zika cases where the victim was infected locally. The 30 Texas cases the CDC has registered were all from out-of-the-country infections.That said, mosquitos love our summer climate.  What they don't love is insect repellant.  But what works?  

"The best one is going to be DEET, the highest concentration you're going to get will work better and longer. After that the lemon eucalyptus and picaridin products will work. Not quite as well, but will offer some protection," according to John Gordy, Fort Bend County Extension Agent.

He says the best on the market are those repellents with DEET, followed by lemon eucalyptus oil, picaradin, and geraniol.

Many parents prefer not to use any DEET on their children.  According to the EPA, DEET is DEET is approved for use on children with no age restriction.

But don't think that the natural-sounding lemon eucalyptus oil is ok.  The CDC warns parents not to use products containing lemon eucalyptus oil on children younger than 3 years. 

Check with your pediatrician.