Katy teacher hopes for better district relationship with new superintendent

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Katy ISD's more than 5,000 teachers start a new school year with a new superintendent, Dr. Lance Hindt. They are looking forward to promises he has made to make the district better.

The district's Elementary Teacher of the Year, plans to see to it, that Dr. Hindt keeps his word.

"I've chosen to get in the arena with all teachers," Christina Dismuke tells Fox26 while setting up her brand new classroom at Bethke Elementary School.

Dismuke says when she received the Katy ISD award, and then was named Teacher of the Year for Texas' Region 4, she took it as a responsibility to advocate for her profession. She used her August 3rd acceptance speech as a platform, and part of her message was telling school administrators and superintendents what she expects of them.

"You need to jump in and experience life in their classroom, and support their ideas no matter how outside of the box they might sound," she said at the podium.

Less than 2 weeks later, back at Katy ISD, Dismuke finds her new superintendent speaking the same language.

"I want you to take chances," Dr. Hindt told an auditorium full of Katy ISD educators Monday. "Make learning fun for your students, and I promise your work will be fun and rewarding for you as well."

Hindt was speaking at Katy ISD's first convocation in 8 years, attended by nearly 8,000 staff members. It was essentially a pep rally for the school district, but Dr. Hindt says it was important to put everyone on the same page.

"Number one, student learning will improve. Number two, professional learning will improve," Hindt told Fox26 in an interview Monday night, listing his "non-negotiables" for the district. "We will work in high performance, collaborative teams. We will provide a safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff. And we will provide quality internal and external customer service."

No one wants to say this a new direction in a highly regarded school district, but it is a fresh beginning.
Dismuke says Dr. Hindt made promises she took to heart.

"I will see your classrooms. I will support you.There's no question too silly for me to answer, and to figure out for you," she recalls of the superintendent's message. "Those were very important things he conveyed to us as Katy ISD teachers."

These promises should translate to only good things ahead for Katy ISD students and parents.