Judge rules Prop B invalid, Firefighters Union files appeal, lay-offs canceled- What's Your Point?

A Texas  District Court Judge invalidated Houston's Propostion B calling for pay parity among the city's police and firefighters, declaring it in conflict with the state constitution. The controversial decision triggered a barrage of consequences. The Houston Firefighters Union filed an appeal, Mayor Sylvester Turner recinded the 334 layoffs of firefights and municipal workers and the 67 firefighter cadets that were in limbo were sworn in by the city. 


This week’s panel:  Wayne Dolcefino – media consultant, Carmen Roe – Houston Attorney, Bob Price – Associate Editor of Breitbart Texas, Laura Moser – former Democratic congressional candidate, Jacquie Baly- conservative commentator,    Antonio Diaz- writer, educator and radio host discuss the latest turns in the ongoing Prop B controversy.