Ivanka Trump visits Johnson Space Center

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Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump visited the NASA Johnson Space Center, learning about current capabilities in space and the future of space exploration. 

The visit started with a tour of the Mission Control Center to see the operations of the International Space Station Flight Control Room and call the crew onboard the International Space Station. She was briefed by Holly Ridings, who was recently named the first female Chief Flight Director in NASA history.

The tour continued with a visit to the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility. While there, she went into a full-scale mockup of the International Space Station, sat in the Orion (NASA’s new deep space exploration vehicle) capsule used by astronauts and engineers to design and evaluate the spacecraft, viewed the Boeing Starliner (one of two commercial vehicles in development which will launch American astronauts from American soil for the first time since 2011), and saw where astronauts train daily for upcoming space missions.

After touring the Mission Control Center and the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility, Ivanka Trump engaged with students from the Clear Creek Independent School District FIRST Robotics Team and NASA interns, who are gaining valuable skills in engineering and aerospace, which will enable them to pursue careers in high-demand STEM fields and ultimately succeed in the modern economy.

On Friday, Ms. Trump will continue her travels in Texas, visiting a Walmart in Mesquite where she will talk to leaders of the retail giant and how they are training employees.