Investigators search prominent attorney's Houston office

On Monday, a search warrant was issued on Jared Woodfill, a prominent local lawyer and former chairman of the Harris County Republican Party.

Four years ago, Orlando Rodriguez and his wife filed for divorce. He hired his own attorney and she hired Woodfill. Rodriguez says Woodfill allegedly misused marital estate funds. Back in March 2017, Rodriguez says he filed a criminal complaint against Woodfill which says that he allegedly lost a value of $300,000 or more, which would be considered a first degree felony.

Sunday night a warrant was filed and Monday morning Jared Woodfill’s office was raided by the Houston Police Department and the District Attorney's Office.

David Wukoson says he is friends with Jared Woodfill and was shocked that he was being accused of anything. When asked if he believed Woodfill would ever do something like that, Wukonson said, “No, but if indeed he had, there are ways for lawyers to deal with that, and for clients to deal with lawyers who do that. Not a criminal investigation and certainly not to ransack his office and go through his clients' files without an independent lawyer being present."

Rodriguez has been working with Wayne Dolcefino, a private investigator, who says the main point they want to get across is that lawyers can often take high profile cases to rack up expenses.

“There are lawyers who will soak you as long as the money lasts," Dolcefino says. "And one of the things we’ve observed is that in many of these cases lawyers get fees from judges, from your estate, and they never have to show an accountant for what they did, for what work they did, how they spent any of the money.”

“Hopefully this will, this is the beginning of investigation’s throughout all these attorneys and accounts and mismanagement of funds and dragging these cases out there. There’s no reason for this case to drive on three or four years," says Rodriguez.

We did reach out to Jared Woodfill and did not receive a call back.