Investigators search for leads in Houston mom's murder at gas station

HPD investigators have been pleading with the public to look closely at store surveillance video, in order to help them identify the men who gunned down a Houston mom. The victim was just doing what a lot of us have done, waiting in the car while people were grabbing something inside the store, then she was murdered.

After scrutinizing the surveillance video, HPD detectives say 30-yr-old Kiesha Price was in the backseat of that BMW when the two men rode up on BMX bicycles. Police say she was waiting on her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s uncle who were inside the Valero on Bissonnet Monday night when this happened. Police say there was a struggle before one of the men gunned her down.

The clerk working inside the store at that time heard the gunshot and ran outside to help.

"I saw the gunman. As soon as I saw them, he was aiming at her, but I already heard the shot that time." 

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