Investigators make plea for surveillance video in Asst. Chief Greenwood murder

Monday’s murder of Harris County Precinct 3 Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood hits close to home for all the law enforcement investigators trying to solve his slaying.

“We’ve had one of our brothers taken from us senselessly,” said Baytown Police Lieutenant Steve Dorris. “That could just as easily been me or one of our detectives here in the Baytown Police Department.”

Law officers say they have surveillance video of the suspected killer and the vehicle he was driving: a black 2013 to 2017 Nisan Versa Note.

“So it would stand to reason if he’s on video here in Baytown he’s going to be on video in other places,” Dorris said.

That’s why Baytown Police are asking businesses and residents with security cameras to check their equipment to see if they possibly have video of Greenwood’s killer or his vehicle.

“We’re trying to gather as much video or evidence as we can of our suspect,” Dorris said. “Obviously one of the things we want to know is which way he left where did he go that’s going to help us identify exactly who he is.”

Police are asking folks in a wide swatch of southeast Harris County to check their cameras from Thursday March 30th at 6am through Tuesday April 4th at 5pm.

“We have a killer that’s out there and the most important thing is we need to get him off the street,” Dorris said.