International fight over Buddhist temple

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An international tug of war from Saigon to Houston has landed the organizers of a Buddhist temple in court.

A lawsuit was filed today against a group of Houstonians who raised $1.3 million to build a temple for the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam.

The church was built in California, but according to the lawsuit the Houston group turned around and sold it in September.  

Now some of those who have donated and loaned the church money to build the holy house want to know where the money has gone.

Tammy Tran, who represents donors and lenders, says people in the Houston Vietnamese community worked hard for the money they gave to the church and they want it accounted for by the courts.  

Steven Dieu, who was sued over the temple, says they sold the church because temple leaders in Vietnam demanded they turn over the California facility and assume all the debt.

Dieu says they have some of the money from the sale of the church in a trust and they will return it to donors who request a refund.  

He says those who raised money for the temple did absolutely nothing wrong.