Husband killed in front of wife in road rage shooting

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Deputies say a husband was shot and then run over in an apparent road rage shooting last night in North Houston.  According to investigators, 21-year Oscar Reyes was driving with his wife on Aldine Westfield road. They reportedly experienced car issues near Hartwick, and then their car stalled.  The driver in a Tahoe SUV behind him then began blowing his horn repeatedly and started pushing the couple's vehicle with his SUV.

When the Tahoe driver began to to push their car, Reyes then left his vehicle and an argument escalated. Reyes was then shot several times in the street.  According to deputies, after Reyes was gunned down and laying in the street, he was then run over by a vehicle traveling northbound.  However, the driver did not stop.  

Reyes' wife states that the road rage shooter was a Hispanic male, heavy and muscular with tattoos all over him. There are no suspects so far.  If you have any information in this case, please contact: Harris County Sheriff's Department at 713.221.6000 or Crime Stoppers at 713.222.8477