Hunt, Kulkarni advance easily in key congressional races

Wesley Hunt is no stranger to combat and on the political battlefield that was the Republican primary for Congressional District 7, the Iraq War veteran made short work of his five opponents collecting 61 percent of the vote and easily avoiding a run-off.

"There are three West Point graduates in my immediate house and 60 years-worth of military service and I say that because we understand exactly what it takes to preserve our values and our way of life and it takes sacrifice and I think it resonates well with people here in Houston, Texas," said Hunt.

Hunt now faces Democratic incumbent Lizzie Fletcher in a race certain to draw plenty of national attention.
The former U.S. Army Captain says he'll focus on protecting energy jobs from zealous Democrats looking to eliminate fossil fuels sooner rather than later.

"We have to make sure we choose capitalism, not socialism. We choose low taxes, not high taxes, less regulation not more regulation," said Hunt

In Congressional District 22 which covers much of Ft. Bend and Brazoria Counties, former American diplomat Sri Kulkarni moved past three fellow Democrats by attracting 53 percent of the vote.
A day after posting the primary win, Kulkarni was crowing longest and loudest about the doubling of voter turnout when compared to four years ago.

"They care about healthcare. They care about the environment. They care about education. They care about the safety of their children. These are common sense things that bring everybody together and I think people are tired of all this nastiness, this hostility, this division being spread in Washington. They want somebody who is going to talk about them and their families and the issues their families face," said Kulkarni.

Kulkarni will face the winner of a run-off between Republican Party activist Kathaleen Wall and Ft. Bend County Sheriff Try Nehls, who attracted the most votes.
Experts are still rating the November race for CD-22 a "toss up".