Human waste floods northwest Houston homes

"The next thing I knew, the toilets started bubbling, overflowing it was coming out like crazy," said homeowner Paula Norbeck.

What was she thinking as her house became full of human waste?

"What the heck is going on here," Norbeck said. "We tried to turn off our water, thought maybe a pipe busted."

The Norbecks soon discovered three of their neighbors also had fecal matter running all through their houses.

The couple says they had several city public works department supervisors come and go, telling them conflicting things.

"The first supervisor that came out, he didn't even want to show me his ID," Paula Norbeck said.

"And I got him recorded asking why he wouldn't give us his ID and he said 'because I don't feel like it,'" said Jason Norbeck.

The Norbecks say the city employees they've been dealing with are making a bad situation worse.

"The first supervisor just wanted us to sign paperwork stating the city was not liable for damage before they could come into our house and take pictures which is a complete lie because two city employees came in and looked at the damages before he even arrived on the scene," Jason Norbeck said.

City public works spokesperson Allana Reed tells us the city will absolutely pay for cleanup and damages.

She says a city water crew was on site clearing a major grease blockage from a sanitary sewer line when the blockage caused a pressure build up in the line.

Reed says this is why no one should pour fats, oil and grease down the drain.