Human trafficking operation uncovered in Splendora

The town of about 3,000 doesn't seem to be a likely place for a human trafficking operation, but that's exactly what police in Splendora say they've uncovered.

ICE agents now have 5 men in custody who are believed to be human trafficking victims and  3 others who are suspected human traffickers.

Splendora Police say it started with an anonymous tip about a house where a number of Hispanic males were being held against their will.

The caller described the house but hung up before giving an address.

Police figured out where it was and started watching.

After seeing a number of Hispanic men coming and going Splendora police contacted the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department and ICE.

"A gentleman even answered the door surprisingly. We asked if we could come in, we heard people were being held against their will," said Splendora Police Chief Wally Wieghat.  "They allowed us to make entry. We immediately observed numerous Hispanic males without shoes on."

In addition to taking five victims and three suspects into custody, police say they confiscated a stolen gun and a stolen truck.

They say that truck had been modified to transport a number of people.

Federal officials are continuing to investigate.