How to have the best Black Friday shopping experience

The one-week countdown to Black Friday is on. There are some preparations you can make before the big day so you can have a successful shopping experience. 

On the shopping day, make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. Also, that Black Friday shopping list is crucial so you don’t break the bank.

“Then you need to set how much you're going to spend. Otherwise, when we see these sales we become kids in a candy store,” explains Certified Public Accountant Ed Gardner. 

There will be plenty of distractions and what seem to be must-have deals, but don’t deviate from your budget and you won’t hate yourself in the morning. Happy shopping and stay safe! Keep your purse and shopping bags close by because thieves are also out in force.

As you go dashing through the dough this Black Friday and sticking to your budget, make sure you shop with the ones you love. After all, being with friends and family for the holidays is worth far more than anything with a price tag. 

Memorial City Mall will be open from 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving until 10 p.m. on Black Friday.