How to coupon for beginners, save on groceries during inflation

One way to beat inflation at the grocery store is to use coupons. You've probably seen serious coupon shoppers save a ton of money at the register.

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However, that may seem like it takes a lot of time and effort. So we asked a coupon expert for a crash course for beginners.

Krys the Maximizer teaches shoppers how to coupon. She says if you follow these simple steps, you could save a few hundred dollars a month.

"You’re going to start with what I like to call your needs list, these are the things your family needs for the next week or two," she explained.

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Then Krys says make a second list.

"Your second list is what I like to call 'your never want to run out' list. Basically, your stockpile list of the things you always want to have," said Krys.

Then Krys says Google the words "Coupon Database." It will take you to sites where you can find coupons for just about everything. Krys likes the SouthernSavers database.

"You can type in toothpaste and all available toothpaste coupons will pop up," said Krys. "And it will tell you if it's in the CVS app or an Ibotta rebate, or if it was in the Sunday newspaper, go grab it."

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She says download apps for stores where you shop, the app from, and use manufacturer websites for products you use, like P&G Brandsaver.

"They make Tide and Crest and Pampers. And you can get coupons from the newspaper," she said.

Then make one more list as you shop. List the price for what you're buying and the coupon price. Total them up, so you know what your total should be when you check out.

"Because you can look at your total and say my total should be $15 before tax," suggests Krys. "So if the cashier tells you $27, you can say, 'Can you make sure my toothpaste coupon came off? Can you make sure this coupon came off?"


She says expect to spend one to two hours a week meal planning, listing what you need, and finding the coupons. You will shop at multiple stores, but only one a week.    

"Every week, we may be shopping. But it’s not the same store every week," she said. "I’m going to the store where I can get the price the lowest for the thing that we need."

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