Houstonians respond to President Trump's suggestion to arm some teachers

In the wake of the deadly school shooting in Florida, everyone seems to be searching for solutions to keep kids safe. President Trump says the answer is to arm certain teachers. That suggestion is sparking strong opinions mostly from people who say guns have not place in schools. 

However, President Trump says it’s as simple as this. If you take one school, add several teachers with guns, then he says the threat is subtracted because, according to the president, no one is going to go into a school with a gun if they know teachers are armed, too.

Trump says perhaps we should consider allowing teachers with military or weapons training to carry a concealed gun at school. 

"Frankly, only people who don’t understand how schools work would even think that’s a good idea,” says Houston Federation of Teachers President Zeph Capo.

What are students and parents saying about the president’s proposal to arm some teachers? It depends on who you ask.

"What if someone comes in the class and tries to hurt the kids? She (the teacher) can protect them from a gun. So I think that would really be good for the students,” says 16-year-old Kaelin Ashley.

"I don’t think it’s good if teachers have guns because students could take the guns and I think its totally wrong. I think we need to have no weapons, not more weapons,” explains Houston mother Penny Makris.

While some students say having an armed teacher would make them feel safer.

“Yes, because they'd have a gun to protect the kids,” says 15-year-old Karmen Ashley.

"That would actually make me feel more scared.  I think it’s going to make everything worse, honestly.  (If teachers were armed?)  Yes.  We keep talking about the students how they might be mentally ill.  What about the teachers?  Maybe the teachers go crazy one day,” says 20-year-old Konstantina Makris.

"I do not think arming teachers is a good idea. Police officers and teachers are trained in fundamentally different ways with different aspects and attributes,” adds Capo.

"It’s ridiculous. I mean, we can’t even afford to give teachers the correct papers and pens and things they need for the students. Now they’re going to be able to afford to give them guns.  It’s stupid. It’s a stupid idea. Teachers are there to teach,” says one Houston mom. 

"Teachers are in a caring, more nurturing role. That’s the focus of their training and education. While police officers have more of a security mind,” Capo explains.  The Houston Teachers Federation President says this may be a better idea. “Schools should consider replacing regular doors with fortified security doors, doors that are bulletproof."