Houstonians react to attacks in London

While sitting at The Richmond Arms Pub and enjoying a drink on a Saturday night Dimieari Birabi learned about what happened in London.

A van crashed into a crowd at the London Bridge and a series of stabbing that took place nearby.

Birabi, a Manchester native says, "unfortunately considering what just happened a couple of days ago I can see why we are all on edge and worried about what could possibly be going wrong".

Phillip Taylor's dad is originally from London. He said he was at home eating dinner with his family when they turned on the news. The whole family shocked to see yet another attack of terror happening overseas.

"The vast majority of the people that attended are going to be children and purposefully trying to inflict harm on children, the future of society and then just plowing into people on a bridge, there is a weird moral line that has been crossed and it's horrible", says Taylor.

Those in Houston with ties to the United Kingdom, sending their condolences.

"We are just all hoping and praying that everything is alright and to everyone that is really suffering through this incident, our hearts go out to them", says Birabi.