Houstonian roller-skated his way onto Beyoncé video

Roller skating is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Although it never actually went away, it’s kind of always been an underground hobby that people love to do.

It has become increasingly popular lately as many more adults including celebrities are taking to the roller rink for that old school feel.

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Many of the local rinks in the Houston area, including Funcity Sk8 in Webster, offer adult nights for those moments you want to enjoy the rink, kid free.

Reporter Coco Dominguez caught up with some avid skaters like Ron Caesar and Bryan Caesar.

Ron Caesar founded Houston Rollin Round Up, an annual national skate party that lasts four days in which adults get together for the love of skate.


Bryan Caesar has been skating most of his life and has been able to take things to the next level. He skated his way onto a Beyoncé video.

Bryan has continued his love for skate by now offering weekly classes to those who want to learn. Classes are held every Tuesday at Tribeca.